SAMURI Ltd, provides a complete range of solutions to small and medium size businesses, the corporate sector and not-for-profit companies to assist them to grow.

 Are you looking for solutions to these types of questions? And could we work with you to solve them…together?

  • Do you want to grow your business and need help in reviewing where you are at, what the opportunities are and how you will capitalise on them?
  • Are aspects of your business not performing or holding you back which you would like help in identifying and addressing?
  • Have there been changes in your business that you now need to address strategically?
  • You know your business needs to change but perhaps you are not sure where to start; have you thought about working with us?
  • Do you want to increase your market share or perhaps expand into new markets? Have you considered the option of export? Do you know where to start?
  • Do you know what your customers really want; when was the last time you asked them?
  • Would you like to create a branding image for your business that will make you stand out in the crowd?
  • Have you thought about blueprinting your business and making it streamlined and efficient?
  • Are you considering retiring, selling or bringing external funding or equity partners into your business in the next couple of years – do you know how to go about it and when you should start planning?
  • Would it be useful to have someone to talk to about management or planning, or to simply help you to get things done?

OurBusiness Development process

  1. Listen about your business story
  2. Fill in our development questioners
  3. Upon return of your completed questionnaire we study your questionnaire responses, do the relevant homework on your industry and address your responses.
  4. We will give you idea how we will help your business to grow
  5. Then we will give you quotation with our time deadline
  6. You will pay initially 25% to start your job
  7. Time to time we will notice whether we need to have a meeting
  8. Remaining balance will be charge as our declaration of job

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